Houston Super Speedway

Brazoria County, TX

Category Fictional
Type Speedway
Configuration Egg-Oval
Length 1.367 Mile
Characteristics Turns 1,2 Banked 17
Turns 3,4 Banked 14.7
Frontstretch Length 2463 Banked 6
Backstretch Length 2103.6 Banked 4.5
Width 68-75'
Capacity 124,000
Track Record Mark Martin 162.255 mph (GS)
NR2K3 Track Author(s) Chris Haskins (DX Racing)
Author Web Presence DX Racing

Houston Super Speedway

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The Track That Wasn't

This track was supposed to be built. They broke ground on construction, had a web site up, supposedly had races lined up and it never happened. Here's a timeline that appears at Jayski's Silly Season site. According to this article at TheFacts.com the only track like it in the world is in Japan. I don't know about that but I do know it doesn't look (or drive) anything like the egg-oval that is Darlington. The bottom line is that NR2K3 is the only place where you can drive this track.

Riding On Maypop Tires

We drove this track in an online race at Piggz and it was pretty well what we expected. We knew ahead of time that tires would be an issue if we encountered any spin whatsoever; we wore the rubber out a number of times while practicing. In fact we blew all 4 tires several times so we knew control would be of paramount importance. The thing we didn't anticipate was losing 3rd gear in the 8th lap (of 110). This was only a problem after cautions but time lost on restarts is ground never made up when you're running against these kind of drivers. We finally lost the gearbox completely with about 15 laps to go, probably due to over-revving.

The thing that occurs to us is that these drivers were more courteous at 170 mph than Houston freeway and in-town drivers are at any speed. I always say in Houston that every time I think I've seen everything I see something completely new. My son loves it; he says going to work in the morning on Houston roads is like starting each day by going into battle. An adrenaline rush first thing in the A.M. I guess. All the tie-ups and jams are great for putting on your makeup and chatting on the cell I guess.

Radt Attack:

There, you see it now? Again it's "we". "We" spun and wore the meats out. "We" lost our gear. Uh, LK, did you happen to re-check yer setup before the race? Kind of make sure you didn't leave an experimental setup in the car. Didya happen to feel like you were draggin' bottom a lot? Ya think that maybe that could have been hard on yer tranny? Maybe when one man tries to take over the whole show all kinda things start goin' south.

Seems the only thing ya got right was Houston drivers. Many, many of them think they're much better drivers than they are. They sure know how to race to a stoplight though. By the way LK, do ya do yer makeup at stoplights, do it in traffic, or do ya wait to get to work?