Piggzport Super Speedway

Toronto, CAN

Category Fictional
Type Super Speedway
Configuration Variable Quad-Oval
Max Field 43
Length 2.862 Miles
Track Record D. Racer (GS) 218.491
NR2K3 Track Author(s) Dodge/Gonz
Author Web Presence Piggz Racing
Also: Race Track Central

Fast & Faster

The Piggz tracks are fun. They're not your standard cookie-cutters--they have personality. And, as the designer said, you have to drive them. I don't have the time that I'd like to spend at each track; I'm always checking out a new track and looking for that next pleasant surprise. But there are some tracks that I keep coming back to though and this is one of them.

Sometimes you just want to go fast. You don't want to spend a lot of time setting up a perfect car. So you go to Piggzport and light 'em up. What's nice about a super speedway like this is that you can get up to speed quick but still know that you will be challenged. We were running pretty good here, picking up positions after a mediocre qualifying run by Radt. Everyone was into it--the crew, the owner, the fans. But the driver wouldn't lift, probably never looked at the gauges and he blew the motor. From 11th to last just like that.


Dad Blastit! Ya don't lift at a super speedway. If ya do ya get run over. Maybe yer Acme Engine Builders should step up and give ya a motor. The car wasn't even hot and I was outta the draft in clean air plenty--every time I made a pass. But when the engine breaks, well... what're ya gonna do?

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Seriously... check out PiggzRacing. They work hard on this and it's sites like these that keep NR2K3 alive and iFirst wondering how they can get back the people who made them. There are other good online racing leagues but I haven't seen any that look better or do more to keep it fun.