Princeton, WV

Category Fictional
Type Road Course / Speedway
Configuration 9 Turns
Max Field 43
Length 4.2 Miles
Top Speed (AI 100%) Scott Riggs 185.877 mph
NR2K3 Track Author(s) Paul Hundley (aka Lars)
Author Web Presence Lar's Tracks

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Wanna Guess?

The first time I ran this course I expected it to be full of ugly surprises. Fact is, there's only one. This is one of the few tracks where you can actually go airborn. Seriously airborn. I believe it's right before Turn 2. There's a hill leading into the turn and if you hit the hump (ok, the apex) too hard you will fly so far through the air that the rear end starts coming back beneath you and you end up on the roof. After that particular spot you can pretty well run wide open until the final turns leading to the start-finish line. My top speed here is 177.176 mph which puts me within five percentage points of the top AI speed. I still do better at the Papyrus road course but only by tenths (of a mph); the AI don't run as fast there as they do here though.

Radt On The Rock 'N Roll Widow:

That's why I'm the wheelman. LK is always talking percent of AI. I just race 'em and run 'em into the ground. If we'd get a sponsor and a decent car I'd own at least half the track records. What, the liddle baby don't like flying? Wimp shouldn't even be driving. He works hours on setups but let's face it--his reflexes were better 20 years ago. The thing at Widowmaker is, if you want to post good speeds you're gonna do some air time. I should get Frequent Flyer miles for the flights I've taken here.

NR2K Notes:

This is one of four tracks (that I have installed) that I would call Road Course Speedways. Those would be tracks where you have the road course turns and still average over 150 mph. The others are Corl, Papyrus, and Road Of Steel. Actually I see that Milano should probably be included in this list.