Piggzville Park

Ontario, CAN

Category Fictional
Type Road Course
Configuration 20 Turns (My count)
Max Field 43
Length 3.974 Miles
Track Record(s) (GS) Cup - Boris Said 141.158
GNS - David Green 143.454
CTS - Joe Ruttman 142.08
NR2K3 Track Author(s) Dodge/Gonz
Author Web Presence Piggz Racing
Also: Race Track Central

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Piggzpark Perils

Boy, this track has a little bit of everything. It has tight turns and sweeping turns. It has elevation changes. It has a long straight but if you're thinking about screaming across the start-finish line you better start thinking about the field that you're going to hurtle into. I inadvertently printed a note in my guide that was supposed to remind me to say this: this is a winding bitch and I'd like to take out about six turns. Meaning I'd like an option to jump from turn 3 to as close to turn 10 as possible rather than face the inner series of hairpin loops. Because I really don't do well there. I've always liked straightening out mountain roads but there's only so much straight you can do on a hairpin. Here's my idea of what that would look like:

Piggz Jump

So how about it Gonz? You notch out the fence and I'll take my chances. Maybe we can find someone to come up with a parachute mod.


What did my grandma Cilli Dastard used to say: "the breadth of ignorance knows no bounds?" Some people want it all handed to 'em. I saw LK go off-track looking for shortcuts even. I could have been around the entire course six times while he looked for a way to cheat. What did he think, that ya can skip part of the track and no spectators or cameras will see ya? What he needed more of when he was young was what we called "the board of education on the seat of learning". All we can do now is whack him over the head with a stick and hope it takes.

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