The Road Course @ Irish Hills

Mishawaka, IN

Category Fictionals
Type Road Course
Configuration 12 Turns
Length 4.2 Miles
Track Record (GS) BestLap_Sim_CUP_All_Laptime=110.453000
Author Kurt Morgan

Irish Hills

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A Little Irish In Your Coffee?

Why do some people think that a road course has to have hairpins? Can we not run some races on roadcourses that act a little like speedways? I was checking out a league that runs a Trans Am schedule and they were using a mix of tight twisty little tracks and super speedways. Oh and throw in all the speedway roadcourses. I don't know why they bother me--they just seem impure somehow. Half the track is a predictable oval and the other half is a bunch of turns thrown in to connect to ends of the oval section. Ok, what I was getting at here before I wandered, the Kurt tracks (including his collaborations with Fortine) are FAST. There's one where it actually pays to stay in the draft (lessee, that would be Forest Park maybe?). Anyway, when I think of his tracks I always think of wide and flowing and yes, fast. There may be tracks of his that I like better graphically and there are some that run a little quicker (for me Kam Valley and Forest Park are faster) but I keep coming back to this one as one of my favorites. Just the right amount of surprise and elevation changes and straights where you can get after it.

Another thing I like about Kurt's courses are the attention to detail. Documentation. I've noticed that they have started to include a lot of notes and readme files including laptime information. You always know that they've tested the AI for offline racing. And they've gone to the trouble to include some setups that actually work. Oh, and if you check the ini's you will probably find stanzas included for all of the popular mods... Cup, GNS, PTA, and I see where they've worked GTP into the equation. Anyway, do yourself a favor. Getchoo chum. As always, go to NR2K3Tracks to find links. I will be hosting a few here as well as soon as I get re-organized. You might want to check out Sandy Flats if you want a good challenge... I wasn't going to say too much here while it was in beta (night version) but a final has been released while I've been delayed with this issue. The day version is still here and the night version close by here

List of Kurt's Tracks

Name Type Configuration Length
Badone RC 9-Turns 1.82 Miles
Cheyenne Hills RC 9-Turns 3.14 Miles
Falcon Hill RC 9-Turns 2.4 Miles
Forest Park (New Forest) RC 12-Turns 4.05 Miles
Hog Mountain  RC 9-Turns 2.1 Miles
Irish Hills RC 12-Turns 4.2 Miles
Jen Valley RC 9-Turns 2.13 Miles
Kam Valley RC 10-Turns 3.0 Miles
Morgan Woods RC 11-Turns 3.14 Miles 
Sandy Flats (day/night versions) RC 12-Turns 5.9 Miles
Turtle Beach ST Oval .574 MIles


I gotta admit Karb man... you do find the best and you are relentless. Wish ya could translate some of that into racing but for as much as ya love driving yer not a wheel-man. Look, don't be ashamed--yer prolly as good as 50% of the people on the roads in this country. You don't get tickets and ya still call the cops "Sir" even when they're younger than you. What I think you should do is pick 10 tracks and drive them over and over until you know ya can do them blindfolded. And ya can't just do Kurt tracks--spread it around a little.