Corn Field Raceway 2007

Corn Fields of Iowa

Category Fictionals
Type Road Course
Configuration 21-Turns
Length 4-Mile
Track Record(s) NA
NR2K3 Track Author(s) Realism8

Corn Field Raceway


Track INI includes stanzas for PTA, GNS, CTS. That's just another thing I need to do when I go back through my entire collection--note the extra stanzas for all the tracks where they are included.

I believe the author is probably fairly new to the NR2K3 Trackmakers Union and I sure don't want to do anything to discourage him. Even if I had issues with winding roads in flatland cornfields--;). I don't know, I grew up on farms where flatland roads were straight and hilly farmland roads were likely to be curved. But there's no reason to make a thing of it.

This is one of the few tracks where I've lifted the track right out of Replay Analyzer and did not re-draw it. I mean, what are you going to do? One of the cleanest trackmats I've seen. I could have enhanced a few fencing portions but the layout is so good that it didn't seem worth the bother. So I resampled, converted it to 24-color RGB, resized and left it the hell alone. I think as Realism8 refines his craft further that we're going to be hearing a lot more from him. BTW--yeah I butchered a nice splash logo that he was using in the game; I was running out of room and my quick fix just turned ugly.