Bullrun Raceway

Megville, CO

Category Fictional
Type Road Course
Configuration 12 Turns
Max Field 43
Length 3.66 Miles
Track Records (GS) PTA - Boris Said 93.923
Cup - Bert Knop 102.900
NR2K3 Track Author David "Kessman57" Kesterson
Author Website or Web Presence Torn80 Alley ?

Bullrun Raceway

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LK's Thoughts

What a sorry day for racing. I don't know if Radt had a hangover or if his nerves are going. 118mph. We qualified 24th, finished 11th and I won't even say where the Auto AI placed us. This is what finally inspired me to use those open wheel and trans am mods that I've been saving for a rainy day. Not that it will make a difference. You have to race the clunkers before you can race the fast ones I say.

This was probably the first add-on track that really made me notice the scenery. Of course there have been many impressive scenic tracks since and they still seem to get better all the time. Sometimes I'll drive Nurburgring or Isle Of Man or Osterreichring just to get back to the mountains for a cruise.

Radt On That:

Cruise, schmooze. He does a snooze cruise. Drive 'em a little why dontcha? As far as my problems at Bullrun? Ever notice it's always "Radt" and "we" when things go bad, always "I" when it's right? Look LK, a setup--ever think of that? You wanna come in and race a stock setup that's used for training the 'noobs'. Or borrow one that works at The Glen because it is afterall, "another road course". I kept telling you "this is pathetic... I have no grip... I can't dial in any more brake". The car was junk and unless we can get a crew chief and an engineer onboard I don't see things getting better soon.