Gillies Bay, Texada Is., BC, Canada

Category Fictionals
Type Road Course
Configuration 11 Turns
Length 3.49 Miles
Track Record NA
NR2K3 Track Author Kurt Morgan / fortine_oo


Click here for numbered and annotated version (Screenshots from installed tracks)

Sneak Preview!

When I received the invitation to check this track out I didn't have the GTP mod installed and I could not initially load the track. I threw a basic Cup and basic PTA car into the track folder just so I could run some laps. It was anticipation on the scale of what Christmas used to be--I had a visualization of plain wrapping paper being shredded to reach the good stuff. No disappointments here. Of course the first thing I noticed was the horizon graphics--NR2K3 horizons have taken such a leap forward lately and this one is right up there with the best. The second thing I noticed was that I was spending a lot of time viewing said horizon because I was going into spin mode a lot. The track is a challenge to drive and it's going to take more than 10 laps to figure it out. Actually I have gone well over that count now and I'm not close to getting a lap that I'm really completely happy with.

I can usually get a pretty good idea of how much I like a track from my first experience. Since I have tried out well over 500 for this little web project it gets to be a routine: Install, run a few laps, take some screenshots, save a replay, move on. Many times I've run 2 laps and said "OK, I'll come back to this later". Sometimes it's because there is nothing new and sometimes I just know that it's going to take a more dedicated "drive" (more time to spend getting a feel or a setup). And sometimes I start out for a short run and don't want to stop--I keep running laps even if they're lousy. This is one of those. I even set up a new GTP install to I could see what really fast felt like here. I remembered during the process why I didn't go further with GTP--I never obtained the NOCD patch for the mod and I just don't like using the 2003 disk to run the game (my backup CD has decided that it likes to run on the machine with my TDK but not the off-brand that I stuck in this computer). So while my GTP driving will remain limited for the short term, I think this track will be a favorite for any mod which in which I (or you) decide to use it.


Hey Karbo, this track is in alpha. Which means that most people haven't had a chance to even dream about it yet. To which I have only one thing to say: "Nyah, nyah, nyah!" Eat yer heart out dudes, I'm gonna be good here before you are! And if good isn't enough I'll help you find a panoramic 360 scenic view. Use your rearview or the windshield--you'll see the same thing if you give it a few seconds. Nice huh? Just sit there and enjoy for a moment while I go take the checkers.


I have to quit doing previews. This is full-fledged production track and I haven't been back to take care of business. It was supposed to be a feature track along with a track by another prolific track author named Dodge who at that time was releasing a final Hawgenheim. Remind me soon that Feature Tracks is starting to look ghostly. Actually many tracks have been annotated or updated--I just haven't had the time to give them a proper tribute.