Rockingham Motor Speedway

Corby, GBR

Type Speedway
Configuration Quad Oval
Length 1.479 Miles
Characteristics Frontstretch Length 1075' Banked 3
Backstretch Length 507' Banked 3
Turns Banked 8
Track Record Colin White 161.199mph (GS)
Capacity 52,000


Rockin' In The UK

From what I understand this is the first oval in Britain since Brooklands in Surrey closed in 1936. I guess living in the US where ovals are everywhere leads one to assume that it's the same the world over. Wikipedia says this is the fastest oval in Europe. The track has a number of other configurations available for driving as well. You really should follow the link to their web site below. A heckuva well-done job. Let the intro play through (short) and check the circuit links in the track section. Some track site owners and their design teams should take note and learn something. There are some ideas worth emulating here. And track designers? Plenty of work to do here with these road courses (hint, hint).

I created a lot of unnecessary work for myself with this track. I didn't pay attention when I loaded it the first time and somehow ended up with only the ASCAR (the British Nascar?) version installed. I chugged around the track for a bit and my RPMs were so severely limited that I just knew I had to change the .ini files. I've always resisted the temptation of fooling around with these because I don't want tracks to head in the direction of unrealistic--I always assume that the builders know better than I what the settings should be. In this case however, I thought I had nothing to lose. And I didn't. Not having the slightest idea of what I was doing aside from some vague recollections of forum talk, I made the changes to the track.ini file. I found out later when I loaded the Cup version that I got part of it right: by changing the chassis type to "2" I removed the restrictor plate barrier. The track type I actually changed to "0" (a short track) by mistake; both versions (Cup and Ascar) of the file use "3" which is generally used for an oval that is greater than 2 miles long. IMHO it should be "2" (used for ovals between 1 and 2 miles). I left it where I originally put it because I liked it fine. The following table shows the design versions and the one I ended up using.

Track Mod Name Track
AI_Grip AI_Drag
Rockingham (Ascar) 3 1 1.31 0.73
Rockingham (Cup) 3 2 0.81 1.14
Rockingham (LK Ascar Mod) 0 2 1.10 0.85

Driftin' Away

At this point I put together a setup in my usual inimitable fashion (completely wrong). And broke the Ascar track record set by the game designer within 10 laps. Of course I found when I put in the Nascar version that the record speed was a much tougher 10mph faster. What I liked about my setup and track combination was a feel that I've been looking for since I started using the game: the "power slide". Maybe a less prominent form of "drifting" that seems to be a rage now. Most times I don't achieve this--I go directly to very "loose" and turn the car around when I come out of the corner.

At any rate, if you'd like to try this just for grins, here's the setup. Keep in mind that what works with my modified Ascar will no doubt be crap in the Nascar version. Also there's the matter of the many variables regarding controllers. I still use my MS Sidewinder that lost an axis when I moved it over to XP (note: I finally got it back when I ignored Microsoft's advice and installed the 2000 drivers. Now I've got problems when I want to use the force feedback but that's for another story). And oh yeah--the tires. They may be gone before you finish 10 laps.


Whatever pushes yer buttons LK. It's hard to get any serious driving done when the boss is playin' around, tryin' to make a dune buggy for an off-road race. Listen LK, grip good, sliding around all over the track bad. Lord have mercy. I'm surrounded by idiots and incompetents and they're the same guy. I was embarassed to be seen with this team. We were flagged right off the bat because of improper restrictor plate modifications.

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