Watkins Glen
(The 'Boot' Version)

Watkins Glen, NY

Type Road Course
Configuration 11 Turns
Length 3.4 Miles

watkins Glen Boot Version

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The 'Other' Glen

This is the long version of Watkins Glen. I didn't say "improved" version. I don't know, it's slower by 10 mph or slow. I always want faster. It gives you another look I guess, some other scenery. I put it here because, even though I already over-loaded this issue with road tracks, it belongs close to the track by the same name that the Cup uses. Personally, I have enough problems with the short version. Tell you what, when I hit 117 mph on the shortened track I'll come back here and give this a better treatment.

By the way, the Boot brings to mind some interesting imagery that comes to mind at certain road courses. I'm sure you'll remind me when we visit them. I actually redesigned several tracks to show the features that I thought should be included. But that's for another day.

Good Golly Miss Molly

I just found an explanation of the turns numbering that I tried to elucidate in the article about the short Watkins Glen. Such impeccable research... what a colleague where I used to toil called "double work". Well it's what we do in life all the time--we make mistakes and we try to get better and become better people for it. Am I going to change the diagrams? I don't think so; I don't want to get 'that' good. Read and renumber them as you see fit.


LK didn't really want to go here that bad so why should I? The boss is "weirded" out and I'm "worded" out. To me this is just a little more challenging and a few more opportunities to "thin the herd". Too bad they have cameras everywhere nowdays--there was a time when I could have used The Boot to lose about half the field. A little push here, a push there, and those other drivers are in the leaves or in the sand picking their noses; I'd just wave at 'em while I did my victory lap.

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