Mosport International Raceway

Mosport, CAN

Category Other Road Courses
Type Road Course
Configuration 10 Turns
Length 2.45 Miles
Max Field 43
Track Record(s) (GS) PTA - Boris Said 73.937
Cup - Jeff Gordon 80.352
NR2K3 Track Author(s) PWF

Mosport International Raceway

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Moz Marks Retirement

Problem was I didn't run AI race before the online race--the start snuck up on me, one of those quick starts you know about if you've actually raced the track. The leader was pulling away and the car in front of me was backing off and I took him out. My problem was I wanted to be safe and do too much at the same time; I've only cracked 1:17 once and I was against drivers who all do 1:15's on a regular basis. I still think the guy checked up or missed a gear but I had no handle on the car anyway. I was out of control when I ran my fast lap and it actually took me some time to beat my cup car time before that. In short, I had no business in the race unless I just wanted to run laps at the back. I looked at my lap replays and I sucked. I don't know why practices went so well and I could do nothing when I had the car online.

Mosport must be one of the few and bestest of the originals add-on tracks. It's well designed and all that and I really enjoy doing laps hers except for that one "small" corner. Actually I compared my laps and I was doing everything as well as the 1:15 drivers (in the corners anyway) but wasn't reaching their top speeds on the short runs. I think I've actually been conservative on braking, instead of stomping the pedal I try to feather it down. I never have gotten a real good feel for braking on the Sidewinder--you need more resistance and lock-up always occurs long before end-of travel no matter how I calibrate. It's almost, but not quite, that digital on-off thing. So I start braking sooner than I should or use gearing to bring my speed down.

Another thing: don't they try to make the cars "easier" to drive on the Nascar circuit. It seems that you have to make the car on the edge of "impossible" to attain the very best speeds in the game. Shouldn't you be awarded by a good setup with a 'sweet' ride? Some conditions (mainly tight) are frustrating but workable... the fix is a setup so loose that you need to brake to get out of it. I guess I need to try someone's wheel that has all the good stuff. I take my hope from the fact that Von Hackman uses the sidewinder and smokes everyone; I take my cue to exit from the fact that I can't make his stuff work at all with my wheel.


Or maybe reflexes. Ya didn't have the top scores in the driver's training class simulator and ya surely don't have your teen reflexes at yer advanced age. Maybe glasses. Buy ya summa those magnifiers at Target and see iff'n it don't bring everything closer. I know everyone marvels that ya can read such small text on the screen but at home ya have to turn on every light in the house to read a pill bottle.

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