Mexico City (Orig)

Mexico City, Mexico

Category Other
Type Road Course
Configuration 11 Turns
Length 3.13 Mi
Track Record NA

Mexico City (1959)

Mexico Original

Lady Needs A New Hat... And A New Pair Of Shoes... And A...

This place changes faces more often than... well fill it in yourself, there are plenty of names you could use. It changes and then reverts to a former semblance. I don't think we'll ever see the "Horquita" (the tight hairpin section) again--it looks like it's been "deconstructed" and grandstands moved in. But who knows at this venue. As seen below, the "corners" change frequently, the straights and one section of esses stay the same.

Mexico City Remodels & Variations

Driving The Old Lady Crazy

We took a look at the "new" Mexico City (2006 version) and decided that this old version must be the one we wanted. Proceeded to run our laps off. Hit the proverbial wall at 110.5 mph. Found out at race time that we practiced on the wrong track. Tried to use the setup from the '59 version which didn't work right but since we almost hit 120-mph on a quick practice lap we decided to give it a go. It was the disaster that we were afraid that it would be. This track looked Beta still at the time. The cheat line ran straight at the chicane instead of following the curve, And we were black-flagged for cutting the course by driving through a sand trap. At that point we decided it was time to get out and cut our losses. I hear it's better now but I'm not ready to go back there just yet.

Radt On That:

Living in the past again are we? That's twice we've set up for the wrong racetrack. Sometimes ya have to let things go and move on. Wanna race ghosts or compete with real drivers? Personally I can't wait to get back there since ya promised the ride was mine next time. I can rip that chicane up. The new track is faster than the old one and that's all I need. But we're going to St. Jovite this week so ya can get back on your nostalgia trip. Now there's a place that needs a facelift.