Hockenheim, GER

Category Other Tracks
Type Road Course
Configuration 12-Turns
Length 4.9 Miles
Max Field 43
Track Record(s) (GS) PTA - NA 124.674
Cup - NA 128.453
GNS - NA 127.542
CTS - NA 130.745
NR2K3 Track Author(s) Adriano Augusto
Author Web Presence tmCtr


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Fact Or Fiction

When my first search didn't give me the results I wanted I labeled this a fictional track. Duh. And no one called me on it. Duh. I wrote: "A real course in Hockenheim is 2.842 miles and consists of 17 turns. It is named Hockenheimring". Then, after driving some laps, I decided to do a little more research and found this map at Wikipedia. What I think happened the first time is that I saw a map that was turned over (such as this one) without any lines showing the old track and I just didn't make the connection. So although this longer version is no longer in use (the forest section is in fact covered up) it does not belong with the fictionals; I would classify it as the historical version of Hockenheim.


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