Croft: Clubman's Circuit

New Yorkshire, England

Category Other Real Tracks
Type Road Course
Configuration 6-Turns
Length 1.18 Mile
Track Record NA
NR2K3 Author Norm Paxton
Author Website NA


Norm Paxton took the Stuart Cowie combo dirt/asphalt track (the Croft Rally version) and modified it to reflect a current configuration. I really need to find my notes. Anyway, this is a completely paved version of one of the shorter Croft Circuits. I keep thinking this would be good for oval drivers who think they might want to try road courses and are a little intimidated by the process. It drives kind of like an oval but has enough right-hand twists to make a fun detour. Actually it is a right-hander with a left-hand twist (at the Chicane) I guess. And it's not all that much like an oval either. But it's more intuitive than many ovals out there. If there were an award for "feel-good" tracks I think I would cast my vote for Norm--he has a way of coming up with drives that make you want to do more laps just for the fun of it. "Race, what race? I just want to cruise a little longer". Note that I didn't say easy--you have to hit your marks with the same precision as anywhere else. When I say "feel-good" I just mean that it drives like you think it's supposed to.

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