Mt. Panorama Bathurst

Bathurst, NSW

Common Info

Category Other Road Courses
Type Road Course
Configuration 21 Turns
Length 3.91 Miles (6.213 km)
Track Record 2:09 (Fastest officially recorded lap)

Mt. Panorama Bathurst

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Version Info

Version: Mt. Panorama/Bathurst v2.0

Length 3.95-Miles (Sandbox) 3.91 Miles (Listed)
Track Record(s) Cup - Jeff Gordon 87.783 ? (160 mph+ cannot be right)
Max Field 40
NR2K3 Author(s) Austeam ?

Version 2.0 Notes:
I guess I never had the original version and I can't find one now. But why would I want to right? Version 2 implies that it's more recent than version 1. One of my original favorites when I started adding tracks and I still like driving it. I always thought that an official version fix would come out to get the player record laps to update. I have a possible fix noted on the Lists page (here) but I believe I had to go a little further to get mine to work in this case since I kept getting "failure to load" errors. I will fill you in when I get it sorted out. I also revised my INI file to give what I believe are more accurate lap speeds.

Version: Mt. Panorama/Bathurst Beta (2001 based)

Length 3.855-Miles (Sandbox)
Mistakenly listed as 6.213 miles (km figure)
Track Record(s) NA
Max Field 43
NR2K3 Author(s) Yoyoman

Beta Version Notes:
The author states this this one is much more realistic and less 'arcadish' than the original. I have the advantage of not having the faintest idea of what is 'real'. I like both. I am faster on this one and probably prefer the feel of it. Lessee, using the TA cars I ran a 103.432 mph lap in v2 and a 103.674 on the beta track. But it took me longer to run a 103 in v2 and I had less control. Yeah, yeah, plenty of room for improvement. It is definitely a 'beta', perhaps an "alpha 50%" as the author says, but it doesn't appear that finishing would be so difficult. It needs all the trees and buildings added so there is a time investment needed. (see the Bathurst snippet in my Project Tracks article).