Barber Motorsports Park

Birmingham, AL

Category Other Road Courses
Type Road Course
Configuration 15-Turns
Max Field 43
Length 2.38 Miles
Track Record Car 102.713 mph Max Papis (Oct 2004)
NR2K3 Track Author Paul Hundley aka Lar

Barber Motorsports Park

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Wrench In The Works

I'm about three weeks late with this feature issue because of this track. I wanted to include it because of its name (the Motorsports Park) thing which fits in with Miller Motorsports Park and their common tie to iRacing. But I needed to run laps here and at least make a solid effort to learn something about the track; I kept getting too busy with other stuff. Now I've run laps but I really have no benchmarks anywhere to compare laptimes. I'll go ahead and tell you that I ran a 115.967 mph lap. Which means that no doubt there are many doing 120. The opening splash screen in NR2K3 shows it as 2.9 miles and in the driving screens it shows as 2.5 miles. Since the Barber MSP web site lists it as 2.38 miles I'm going with the 2.5 miles figure. Nope, wrong again--game version is actually 2.9 (4666.970 + change = 2.9 miles). Incidently, the official track site also has the course very well documented with about 4 different PDF files showing elevations, geometry, etc. I don't know how we got +.4 mile added (actually it could happen very easily) but it's fun anyway

This is one of those tracks I just instinctively like to drive. Limerock Mountain (the long fictional version) is another. Because I feel fast when I drive them. I can hang on to the car here while sliding around corners. I can also wear my tires out quickly but that's another story. The track has kind of an innocuous feel but it is deceptive until you learn your way around. They call it blind curves and elevation changes--you have to remember your spots and landmarks.


Yer tires get pretty hot when you do 360's don't they. C'mon, I saw ya spin just about everywhere on the track before you got a handle on it. You still hit the grass on the right side going too hot out of turn one sometimes and that will get you every time. You apparently haven't done your homework on coming out of 14 either. Both places will ruin a lap and you pretty well have to run an extra lap just to get respectable again.

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