Feature Tracks #7


Well we're going for quantity over quality now. Talk about a whirlwind tour. I'm speaking about articles not tracks. As usual we've had a fine driving assortment. Not that I would know since I'm still only allowed some limited tests. I keep waiting for our owner to quit the experiment--it should be obvious to everyone now who the driver is. I think one more week like the one at St. Jovite should do it: we all heard him throw his wheel and say he was done with it. And what language... I tell ya, it was burning my sensitive ears.


What I meant was that I was done with that wheel and the frustration was from being good enough to race a 650-hp car with the best but failing because of a substandard part. Someone should have noticed during testing that the wheel was crap but I guess they were too busy grandstanding, hoping to get some autograph calls.

Actually we were ready to go online with Bralli weeks ago but we had to take care of the mundane business too. If you haven't driven Bralli yet do yourself a favor and grab it. The rest of the tracks are a nice combination of real tracks (Chicagoland, Mexico City 2006, Eldora, St. Jovite), fictional (Irish Hills, Oldring), and real historic (Mexico and Hockenheim). Some of these pieces will be updated but we were busy getting 85 more tracks into our database and couldn't find all the time that we wanted or needed to spend on them.