Feature Tracks #6



Four more road courses this time. I guess a short track has to be real special to get a piece. We did get to do some "old school" with North Wilkesboro and Nazareth. I'm sure LK just wanted to beat up on some corporations again but I'll take it just to make some left turns.


There's another theme element present in this issue but of course Radt missed it. Ok, maybe a mini-theme. Ok, a disjointed theme that only directly involves two of the tracks. Miller and Barber, two tracks where the principals decided to use "Motorsports Park" in the name. And both are involved with iRacing which is documented in the NR2K3 section. Thornton is here because it is what iRacing and the community should be doing together. North Wilkesboro and Nazareth were included because I'm still reminded often of how speedways across the US are disappearing. As far as Mosport? It just happens to be where I ran the most laps this week, practicing for a race where I performed miserably and was gone after 10 laps.