Feature Tracks #5



Four road courses this time. I get this feeling that LK is just putting off the short ovals every chance he gets. He likes road courses that are tucked into mountain sides so he can go off on nature walks or something--like those fool Sierra clubbers. Oh don't go gettin' all self-righteous with me ya snot-noses--I know more about living in the woods than you know about driving. Yer cars are only good for blocking roads; mine are good for knockin yer asses off the roads.

Yeah we did Homestead. LK wanted to brag is why we were there. Little did he know how much the place has changed. It's safer now and a lot faster but that's just too scarey for the boss. I guess it'll be up to me to put a good time on the boards. As far as Kentucky goes... I like it, I love it, I want more of it. We need to do several days of trucks and a few more days of Cup cars there to really tune up.


Not for nature walks. To get away from the city and the noise yeah, but my walks are mainly to get away from 'The Mouth'. It just never stops and sometimes I can't even think until he gets in the car and drives. I'll bet he talks in his sleep. And when he doesn't talk the silence is deafening--you know he's pouting or scowling or plotting some new nefarious deed. Yeah, you don't want to hear his silence either.

The reason we did roadies was because there was a little bit of a theme going (which I constantly lost whenever he started talking again). We'll do the ovals and Radt can bang around with the Dirty Mo's but we're not going to take the best cars along for that. I spend all this time on setups and Radt slaps the wall on his first lap and knocks everything out of whack. He thinks everything he drives is like the beater he takes on hunting trips--use it and abuse it 'til it quits.