Feature Tracks #3

Keep Digging!

Riding With Radt:

Boss man changed his mind again about keeping up with the Nascar schedule. Says we'll run out of sanctioned tracks long before we go through all the other tracks we have to visit. So here we go skipping all over the place again. I don't know if he knows what he's doing. What I am saying... I know he doesn't know what he's doing.

Actually, the tracks were decent again. What I object to is that I rode to England in a cargo container with our equipment while he cruised above deck in the lap of luxury, probably schmoozing with the high-rollers and laying by the pool..

LK Rejoinder:

Once again Radt completely misread the situation. Ok, maybe the container got a little stuffy but at least he wasn't shoveling coal. Some mixup over ship names and such led to a disastrous ocean crossing for me. The only swimming I did was when some of the crew playfully tossed me overboard. I kept my mouth shut and shoveled faster after that incident.

You know it would be nice to get a little appreciation every now and then. I stocked Radt up with 4 cases of Blatz Beer and plenty of his goldfish hor d'oeuvres. He ate and drank better than I did (and he sure didn't leave anything for me). When he got on the track it looked like he was guiding a lead sled--we would have done better with a team of huskies.


Sometimes the travel schedule leaves us edgey. But it's done. Let's take a look at our latest track visits. Pick your poison from the list on the left. We have one Cup track, a former Cup track, an impressive English speedway and three fictional tracks this time around.