Feature Tracks #2

Six More From The Vault

Riding With Radt:

I'm not quite sure why I lead off this page--everywhere else I get the final word. I guess LK wants this to at least start out right. Actually it's probably fitting that I go first so's everyone don't go to sleep.

I hafta say that I do like the tracks we tried on this week. The fact that we didn't have to move at all to get to two of 'em was like the gravy on my chicken fried steak. Hear that LK, it wouldn't hurt to have a T-bone every now and then. By the way, where's that video footage where you got t-boned on the track? Where was that... was it in North Carolina?


Radt. What a cad. He's all mixed up. I got "maypoled" in North Carolina. I can't remember the T-bone incident clearly, I'll have to look it up. Actually, I've never been able to remember a lot of things very clearly after North Carolina. That was many moons ago. Here's a mini-clip for those with the NR2K3 game.

Radt has been asking why I don't put my photo in here and he's always making those annoying chicken clucking noises when he does it. So I'm going to publish it just to prove I'm a real person and not just some derived figment of Radt's warped mind.

You know Radt is a little bit of Dale Earnhardt and a little bit of Tony Stewart without the sense of humor. He called me Dudley for awhile and I didn't mind--I was thinking it was "Dudley Do-right" as in I was always doing right by him. He even wrote it on the chalkboard in the garage one day but wrote it "Dudley Dufais". French I'm thinking. Find out later he was pronouncing it Dufus. Har, har, har. You're a real funny man Dadt.

Well that's all from us for now. Look to the left for the new stuff and we'll see ya at the tracks!

Additional Late-Breaking News:

In some cases, beginning with the Michigan and Milano tracks, I will offer spreadsheets instead of including tables in the content. Seemingly everyone has Microsoft Office and if not I believe they still offer free viewers for Word and Excel. My problem with tables is that I work everything up in these quick and dirty little spreadsheets--it's my modus operandi or something like that. And let's face it, converting spreadsheets to HTML is a pain in the ass. It's not hard, it's easy to do; you can just save the spreadsheet as an HTML document and then copy and paste from the source code. But the resultant code bloat drives me nuts, especially if I have to dig through it to change formatting. I've tried other methods, including pasting tables into WYSIWYG editors and trying out some conversion utilities. To this point I have found nothing (free that is) that really satisfies me. I end up doing a lot of table coding by hand and that goes against my whole reason for using a computer in the first place.