Feature Tracks #1

Get Yer Rubbers On

Radt On Tracks:

Well here we are. Where to begin? LK wants to start with the cup tracks. I wanna do an old "roadie". He'll probably do something asinine like include a list, thus committing himself to this project for, oh, only 20, 30 years or so. Look, we can do this the simple way or we can do it my way, whichever's easiest. But he should know that on my days off this week I'm gonna go do Bridgehampton. I'm not gonna make left turns all day at Atlanta on my personal time.

LK On Tracks:

What Radt doesn't often consider is who bankrolls this project. It's my way or the highway Dastard! What this organization needs is organization and jumping around randomly is just going to create a chaotic situation from which we may never recover. What does he think I do here, sit around listening to AC/DC playing "Down Payment Blues"? It's always something with him. "I'm too loose going in three, I'm tight off two, whatever you did to my car it sucks". What? He wants to talk? Send that Dastard in, we'll see who runs the show.


Well we had a talk. Ok, we had a shout. What we're going to do for our inaugural is feature two tracks. Atlanta is the logical choice for the starting cup track. And Radt really wants to drive Bridgehampton again. What he doesn't know is just how busy he's going to be. You see, we mentioned two other tracks in the Nascar section. And I believe if you mention the track you better be ready to document it. Oh yeah, it'd be nice to get the Indiana tracks in before the August races. Might be a tough week for someone I know. Check the sidebar on the left to visit the tracks we actually included.