Nazareth Speedway

Nazareth, PA

Category Former Busch
Type Speedway
Configuration D-Shaped Oval
Length .946 Mile (NR2K3 game version is .99 mile)
Characteristics Front stretch is 50' wide and banked 3
Turn One is 50' wide and banked 3
Turn Two is 60' wide and banked 4
Turns Three and Four are 55' wide and banked 6
Backstretch is 60' wide and 1200' long with 2.7 banking
Max Field 43
Track Record Randy Lajoie 133.215 mph (2003)
NR2K3 Cup Rec (GS) - Bill Elliot 29.08 (122.55 mph)
Notes The track has an elevation change of 34 feet. Nazareth Speedway has a warm-up lane 18' wide and 3/4-mile long. This unique safety feature provides a lane separate from the racing surface for drivers traveling slower than racing speed to warm-up their engines and tires without interfering with faster cars
Lifespan 1910-2004
NR2K3 Track Author(s) Noonan conversion track

Nazareth Speedway

Another One Bites The Dust

Yessir, another dead one. I don't know who to blame for this one but I notice the owner is listed as ISC. Should I/we really be surprised? Am I seeing a trend here? Well yes--I seem to be spending a lot of time on dead tracks. But small venue tracks just seem to be dying all over the place. You better attend and support the little tracks around you or they're going to go the same way. Not that this track is so small--it was pretty well known at one time--but every place that seats less than (arbitrary figure here, say 60,000?) seems to be going away.

The track seems to be aged in NR2K3 also--not that it's such a bad thing. I remember seeing a lot of forum talk about it when it first came out, a Noonan conversion track. It drives ok, I just don't know exactly which version of the track I'm running. Actually I have a game version that lists it as .99 mile and Wiki says it was actually officially measured in 1998 as .946 miles. I had the length listed at 1 1/8-mile in the info table above and I thought that I had gotten that figure from the official track website (that's where the other stats came from) but the site is dead. According to Wikipedia the 1.125 mile length was used when the track was dirt. It seems to have been shortened to 1-mile in 1982 and paved around 1986.

One more note: the game version lists Bill Elliot as the record holder (122.559 mph) which is almost 11 mph slower than the speed posted by Randy Lajoie in 2003. I don't think anyone is going to touch 133mph with the current game version. In fact, I don't really believe that anyone will legitimately pass Elliot's speed. I've been wrong before though.

Radt On Naz:

I'm surprised at you LK, you usually have some answers. Speed is one thing I know though so I'll help you out. if yer running 112.978 on a .99 mile track that's really .949 miles, it translates into 30.24 seconds. 30.24 seconds on a .99 mile track is a 117.857 mph lap. If you decide the track is 1.125 miles that turns into 134.35 mph. There... yer right back in the game and looking at records.

Note by LK:

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