North Carolina Speedway

Rockingham, NC

Category Former Cup
Type Speedway
Configuration D-Shaped Oval
Characteristics Front Stretch Length 1,300' Banking 8 Width 50'
Back Stretch Length 1,367' Banking 8 Width 50'
Turns 1,2 Banking 22 Width 55'
Turns 3,4 Banking 25 Width 55'
Turns Length 1,256' to 1,437' Banking 24
Length 1.017 Mile
Cup Qualifying Record Rusty Wallace 158.035 mph (2002)
Capacity 60,113

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LK Observations

Ok. what we have here is a driver's track, a skill track where you're "racing the race track. You're not racing everybody else"--Tony Stewart. It's a team track--you need to have a setup that will save your tires. It's a track with good sightlines for spectators. What else? How about that it's the second-fastest track (behind Dover) of all tracks that are between 1 and 1 1/4 miles in length (Hillside is also faster but it is a fictional track with extreme banking). It has hosted some of the best racing including the fourth-closest finish (.010 seconds) in Nascar history.

So why is this track not on the cup schedule? Oh man, you shouldn't have gotten me started. Tell you what, follow the links at the bottom to get up to speed. I'll collect my thoughts and meet you back here afterwards. We'll discuss the articles and then we'll have a quiz.

Back already? Well I think you're going to need some more information before you're ready for a test. This will just be a practice quiz. We still need to look at North Wilkesboro and several others in order to help you make some informed choices.

Quiz (Multiple Choice). Do not guess--we will know if you are.

1. Nascar is an acronym for:

     ( ) Noise Abatement Society Center for Automotive Research
  ( ) National Audubon Society Combat Action Ribbon
  ( ) National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing
  ( ) National Association of Schoolmasters Corrective Action Requests
  ( ) National Accounting Statistics for Cumulative Average Return
  ( ) National Airspace System Collision Avoidance Radar
  ( ) All of the above
  ( ) None of the above

2. One of Nascar's goals is to:

   ( ) Promote ethnic diversity
  ( ) Make money
  ( ) Rehabilitate recalcitrant drivers
  ( ) Function as a benevolent dictator
  ( ) Sanction every race in America
  ( ) Provide jobs for lawyers
  ( ) Get Pampers as a sponsor

3. ISC is:

     ( ) International Speedway Corporation, a publicly traded company
  ( ) Evil incarnate
  ( ) Nascar incarnate
  ( ) Owner of two-thirds of the Nascar tracks
  ( ) Owned by Nascar founder Bill France's family
  ( ) Completely separate from Nascar
  ( ) A plaintiff in a lawsuit filed by Kentucky Speedway
  ( ) Owns the radio broadcast rights and concessions at its tracks

4. SMI is:

     ( ) Speedway Motorsports, Inc., a publicly traded company
  ( ) Evil incarnate
  ( ) A vehicle for Bruton Smith's evil plans
  ( ) A company with a president named 'Humpy'
  ( ) Represented by a crappy website full of broken links
  ( ) Owner of most tracks not owned by ISC
  ( ) A partner with ISC in the Nascar souvenirs and collectibles market
  ( ) Owns the radio broadcast rights at its tracks

That will do for this session. In addition to your research on Rockingham you should familiarize yourself with Kentucky and North Wilkesboro.

Radt's Look

Guess what LK? Making money is what we do in this country; people want it, corporations want it. You think all the people running corporations are evil? They're just people. I remember when they asked that rich Rockefeller dude "How much more money do you need?" and he said "Just a little more". We know why we need more--so we can have what you have. Or some of it anyway.

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