Bridgehampton Raceway

Bridgehampton, NY

Type Road Course
Configuration 13 Turns
Length 2.85 Mile
Cup Qualifying Record Richard Petty, 90.6 mph (1964)
Max Field 43
Track Record(s) PTA - (GS) Dan Olbuck 96.257
Cup - Billy Wade 113.245 (Actual Cup Time, 1965)
GNS - Billy Wade 113.245
CTS - (GS) Dan Olbuck 86.043
NR2K3 Track Author(s) Dan Olbuck
Notes Born in 1957 and buried in 1998. 4 cup races ran here from 1958 to 1964.

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LK Observations

I confess that I still don't know how turns are counted; it seems to be on a track-by-track basis. Some places combine a series of turns into Turn 1, 1a, 1b. Some count the start and finish of a turn as separate turns, others as one only. Some don't count esses (S's). Looking at this track I would think that it would feel more like 8 or 9 turns than 13 if I were driving. To satisfy my curiosity I decided to drive it—what I found was that it did actually feel like a full 11 turns. And I could see where the lightbulb turn did almost feel like two turns, mainly because it continues so much longer than a normal right hand turn. Click here for a diagram with the turns numbered.

Radt's Look

I heard someone say that what it is is not what it was. I don't care. This is a nice Sunday drive. I like any road course where you can average over 100-mph. There are places to pass, elevation changes, blind corners, sweeping turns and tight turns. But not so tight that you have to crawl through them at 35mph like Infineon.

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