Mansfield Speedway

Mansfield, OH

Version Common Info

Category CTS
Type Short Track
Configuration Oval
Length .5 Miles
Characteristics Corners Banking 16
Frontstretch Banking 8
Track Record Ron Hornaday, Jr 110.585 (5/15/2005) CTS Qualifying

Mansfield Speedway

Version 1: Orig.

Track Record(s) (GS) Jeff Gordon 106.52 mph
Max Field 42
NR2K3 Author(s) PWF

Version 2: Mansfield 2006

Track Record(s) NA
Max Field 43
NR2K3 Author(s) Omodified
Author Website North South Racing Series (NSRS)

A Track For Trucks

This track seems lonely to me. It appears to be the only track left that runs only one of the Nascar events (of the big 3). What I'm trying to say is that Busch cars run on Cup tracks, trucks run on Busch tracks, but this track has only the Craftsman Trucks. It hosts races for other series of course but you have to wonder if its days are numbered. Is it destined to go the way of Evergreen and I70 and other tracks that used to host only trucks? I for one would like to see the trend reversed, to see more unique tracks instead of fewer.

Speaking of trucks, can Ron Hornaday Jr. drive a truck or what? He has times at several tracks that would be great in stock cars. I should say it would be great if I had stock car timings that approached his truck laps. The way I see it though, only a handful of drivers are going to hit 100 mph in the game version of this track. Since we have run only a few CTS events, it seems likely that we'll do good to hit 97 mph.

The Radt Brag:

Are you talking about your '92 Sierra with 250,000 miles? I don't care how strong people keep telling you the motor is--I've never seen you top 90 in that no-steer beast. Give me a truck, put the right package in it, and I will give you a sub 18-second lap here.

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