Kentucky Speedway

Sparta, KY

Category Busch
Type Speedway
Configuration Tri-Oval
Length 1.5 Mile
Characteristics Corners Banking 14
Straights Banking 8
Tri-oval Banking 10
Chute Length: S/F to Turn 1-- 681'
Chute Length: Turn 4 to S/F-681'
Back Stretch Length 1,500'
Track Record Carl Edwards 181.287 (2005)
Capacity 66,089

Kentucky Speedway


I go first this time? To take care of the 'real' stuff? Hmmmm. Lessee if I got this. Francis Ferko (real name), a shareholder at Speedway Motorsports, sues Nascar and wins, forcing Nascar to drop a race at Darlington and add a second Texas Motor Speedway race. So Kentucky is using that precedent to sue Nascar? And Kentucky's suit sez that tracks should be able to bid on rights to host Nextel Cup races? But many fans are against this since competitive bidding would most likely drive ticket prices up? And Kentucky tried to buy Pocono just so that it could take one of the Pocono races and move it to Kentucky? Too much for me to digest.


I start with Radt when I want to get the bad news out of the way first. So I can get to the good stuff. Yeah, we're back to this SMI and ISC thing again (see the North Carolina feature article). With a new player (Cintas) and new agendas. Well, same agenda--money. Tell me, are there any corporations out there who are even slightly interested in the people who buy their product? Other than as a souce of revenue? I believe Southwest Airlines was pretty cool but I don't know where they're headed with new leadership. And I always admired Dave (Wendy's). But I don't know if there are any others out there of that calibre anymore. I'm serious, I honestly want to know. Nascar is pretty blatant (and obvious) but they're getting the job done. It just seems so sordid sometimes--they do this ethnic diversity thing and claim to appeal to all of us working joes and they promote fair play and level playing fields and yet... I still find them lacking scruples. I guess I'm all kinds of messed up. Anyway, now for the good news...

Virtual Kentucky

This is where I want to be, on the track, away from all the sparring and money noise.. If you've raced Kentucky on NR2K3 you may have raced Las Vegas with altered banking. Because I found that the Kentucky version I was using was an exact template of the Las Vegas outline. I'm not putting those designers down; they provided a track that people were wanting and that was the quickest way to get it done at the time. But now someone has come along who wants the details right. And I do mean details. And what's in it for him? Unlike Nascar and its minions he's not looking at any grand payday. I hope he gets recognition for his efforts though. His website forum page with discussions of his Gateway and Kentucky tracks is here at Santiago Racing. For what it's worth, I have driven the Kentucky track which he says is still in Beta--it is smooth, one of those tracks you like right away. I guess I should reread and see what he feels is still missing. Maybe fans and stuff for race day? I'll get back to you on that. Check him out. And then find all the track makers you can and tell them "thank you".

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