Homestead Miami Speedway

Miami FL

Category Cup
Type Speedway
Configuration Oval
Length 1.5 Mile
Characteristics Turns Banked 20 (Variable)
Front Straight: Length 1,760 feet Banked 3
Back Straight: Length 1,760 feet Banked 3
Track width 55'
Track Record Jamie McMurray, 181.111 mph, Nov 14, 2003
Capacity 65,000 Grandstand seats



This is one of the few tracks at NR Rank that I rank in the top ten where more than 100 drivers are listed. Now everyone who knows that they are a better driver than I am is going to rush there to upload their playrecs file. Personally I think they should throw out the top ten speeds at every track but where do you stop? Someone has to be in the top ten and I want my one little moment of glory. But I personally believe that if your top speed is more than 10% better than the track record that something is wrong or there is flaw in the game or track design.

Actually my speed was achieved on the old Homestead which is all the more amazing to me because it is the sort of track that I usually don't perform that well at. Goes to show what can happen if you drive 500 laps are so. The current track has a lot more banking and drivers are reaching much higher speeds. Guess I'll have to start over and really work again to make the top 200.


The type of track you don't perform that well at? What, was it round? And what's this one of the few top tens? This is the only track of more than 100 rankings where ya sit in the top ten. As far as throwing out scores they should get the obvious cheats out. I've seen that Bryant dude before elsewhere with his arcade game speeds. Hey Bub, I wanna see a replay on that one. Why dontcha just set yer top speeds at 300.262 everywhere if yer gonna be like that. Oh, I see that you did 315 mph at California. Sorry. Ya gotta ways to go to hit the 1,490 mph that someone hit at Baskerville though. Man I'd like to get into a race with that guy on the street sometime.

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