Chicagoland Speedway

Joliet, IL

Category Cup
Type Speedway
Configuration D-shaped Tri-oval
Length 1.5 Mile
Characteristics Turns Banked 18 (All)
Frontstretch Length 2400' Banked 11
Back Stretch Length 1700' Banked 5
Width 55'
Apron Front and Turns 27', Back Stretch 24'
Track Record Jimmie Johnson 188.147 mph (July 8, 2005)
Capacity 75,000


The Great Chicago Meltdown

Well here's another discussion I keep putting off. It stems from reading the forums at Setup Guru and my attempts to put a competitive setup together for Chicagoland. See, on the one hand it offends my sensibilities that people can exploit game physics to become better drivers. Well not better drivers, better gamers. As long as we have that straight I guess I can live with it. Because at some point here you are sacrificing reality for better gamesmanship. And if you say the game physics weren't that real to begin with you have made my point haven't you? And that's what it's been about all along anyway isn't it? The fact that Dale Jr. and Denny Hamlin and Martin Truex Jr. and David Gilliand have played the game doesn't make it anything more than a game. If you think that because you have superior reflexes and can beat them online that you can take them on a real track in a real car well... hold onto that dream. But I laugh at your delusions, hah dee har har.

I should not take it so personal. It's what we do--try to get better, make something better, find a way to win. That's one thing NR2K3 has in common with NASCAR. Players drive for the win. And laws of physics and models and rules and yes, laws, have nothing to do with that. If said laws and rules and boundaries get in the way than we will be looking for ways to transgess or even circumvent them. It's what we are programmed to do. The earliest playground games reinforce what we may already be learning at home. You have to find a way to win. It's as natural as breathing. And the process is open-ended. Being best is only good for the moment. There is another day waiting and another conquest to be made. So let's go racing boys.


So how did you do at Chicagoland? I saw nothing in there about driving at Chicagoland. Nevermind, I know. Probably around 185. Ya just won't do the laps to get good at the ovals. Summa these guys do 300-400 laps before races and they get it right. You do 50 laps and say "I'm bored now". And yeah, I know about taking a hit to the door for the second week in a row while giving up the inside... on a straightaway no less. Don't get mad, get even. Ya need to at least let the enforcer Radt drive the trucks--you still haven't figgered them out.

LK (Parting Shot):

So which Nascar drivers get 400 laps of practice at a track? They practice during the race. Maybe I'm not good but it only takes me 50 laps to know it. If I drove 400 laps the race would become way too important to me. C'mon a man has to have a life and some variety. I'd rather drive 400 tracks all badly than drive 10 ovals over and over until I cannot lose. And I don't really want to spend the time trying to wrestle a VH setup into a winning ride. My idea is that a good setup makes a car easier to drive. But that's strictly a matter of taste. If the win will help you affirm your personhood then go for it. And no Radt, we will not be painting any trucks black for you in the near future.

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