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I can't tell you how many times it's happened: I'm driving a track and I'm thinking "What happened?" Someone has obviously put in a lot of time putting a track together but something stopped them before they could finish. I can come up all kinds of scenarios for this one. The guy was overwhelmed. He couldn't find anyone interested enough to encourage him. He tried to get some forum help but felt ridiculed for not knowing the "simple" answer was in the Sandbox docs. He finally got so frustrated trying to get the raceline right or the AI working that he just threw up his hands. There are so many things that can go awry during the course of creating a racetrack. Sandbox is not one of your user-friendly, intuitive software programs. When I was programming we would have called it a "kludge"--it serves a purpose but it was written by programmers for programmers and never meant for laymen. Even with a sprinkling of tutorials it is not an easy program to pick up and use. People who got started early know all the things that can go wrong with it and make it through. Late adapters have to hope that they can still find the answers in forum archives when they need them--and they will need them. Having poked around in it some I can only say "Saludo" to those who have mastered it.

Extreme Makeover: Special Tracks Edition

Much more teamwork these days. A track designer asks for and gets help from specialists. A 3do guy. The LP guy. The INI tech. Someone working out the AI. Some people like working on the artistic side of things. Others get their tweak from the technical aspects. Others still just like to drive and give their input. And of course there are plenty of advisors--some of them lurk in the forums and offer encouragement: "Is it ready yet?", "Any progress?", "I need it for my league race next week". Of course other trackmakers are there also who will sometimes be able to steer the potential author to working solutions for the most troublesome problems that arise. All-in-all it's a much healthier place to work these days and is witnessed by tracks that are achieving new levels of detail and realism.

At any rate I have started to document 'project tracks'. Some are only in need of minor renovations or small touchups. Some would look good with a new feature or update. Others are barebones projects that will need a ton of additions or even re-working. I may have picked a couple for the simple reason that I wanted to play around or experiment with them. These tracks can be found everywhere; they can also be nowhere to be found. There are good reasons though that they all are worth keeping. If nothing else to acknowledge those who began them. Here's a first installment:

'Project' Tracks

Project Page
What It Needs
Braga TSO's / completion
Bralli AI work, race testing
Mesa Marin Lights / night version
Buttonwillow Raceway Park My pet, a work in progress
Infineon Long Pit stalls for full field / INI work
Infineon Long_New Everything
Sears Point* AI / LP's / some graphics work
Mt. Panorama/Bathurst Beta TSO's / completion
St. Jovite Update version
Presidio/SF Horizon / AI work / completion
Sheffield Horizon / completion
Hiway 22 AI / graphics
Laingesburg Cleanup / raceline / completion
Nueve Julio A lot
Eppyville Cleanup / LP's / completion
Birch Raceway Working pits / AI / splash screens ReDun
Porto TSO work and lots of etc.
St. Pierre Landscape / graphics help
Desert Winds* AI / LP's
141 Speedway* AI / LP's
Finthen A bit of finish work
Valdevienne Lots of sand, lots of work
Durango Scratch track, almost everything

* These tracks are beta tracks at Phantom Racing for which the author has invited further editing while requesting that the files be sent to him. They are well done graphically and mostly in need of LP lines and a working AI.


1.) Besides certain "needs" that these tracks have, there's another reason why I include them as "pet" projects--they feel good. I probably would not include a track here that I didn't like driving on.

2.) Have your own list of tracks that you wish could be improved? Let me know. This list is not even 'close' to a full list of tracks that I should have considered for this dubious 'honor'--these are tracks that I have revisted within the last several months (but probably thought about much longer).

3.) Don't wait for me to finish working on these--I can almost guarantee that it won't happen unless I'm a.) in the mood to make it happen and b.) have acquired sufficient knowledge to do it. Not to mention c.) my time (like everyone else's) is scarce. Much of what I say is theoretical or even wishful. But feel free to contact me if you have improved on any of these. I'm always happy to share.