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Category Fict Road Course (based on real roads)
Configuration Lotta turns, 12.189 Miles
NR2K3 Track Author AJB

I have to tell you, I wouldn't know where to begin on this one. It's a long drivable road with some very interesting ideas. Some plausible roadside ojects and decent buildings, some not so plausible (well, just some of those long treeline mips that could use a little help). Oh Lottie, I just don't know. I originally thought that this and Presidio (see below) used the same configuration with different scenery since the file names (new-1 and new-2) were so close and the track.ini's listed both as 48-turns, 7.087 mile road courses. When I finally managed to save some replays I saw that there was a reason I could not see a resemblance--there is none. Sheffield comes up in Sandbox as 19617 meters (12.189 miles) and Presidio shows as 11242.49 meters (6.984 miles).

Where to begin. I guess you could start with horizon and work backwards. Or forwards. Close up some gaps. Fix the horizon 'swim' in one section. It also has seams in it. At this point I would not have any idea how but I know that it can be done. In defense of the author this was not released as a finished track. I think it may have begun as an experiment with some local roads (and I gather that they are pretty realistic--the author says "It's a circuit from Ringinglow to Hathersage and back in the Peak park. Map Here ). And the roadway itself--most of us RC types enjoy it. Some of the scenery is variegated almost like patchwork fields. He uses some interesting textures in other areas. I tell you, there's nearly always redemptive value in a track. Unfortunately, there's just not always someone available with sufficient time to put the finishing touches in. But I applaud the effort anyway.

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