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Category Real Road Course
Configuration 11-Turns, 4.63 Miles
NR2K3 Track Author Neri Moreira


Despite quite a few TSO's and some nice graphics touches this one is going to need quite a bit of work. Blank-faced treelines for one thing but that may not take so much work. I haven't checked it inside Sandbox to see what went wrong there but you all know that many things go wrong in Sandbox. Also the horizon has the 'stitched' look and that is something I have never looked into (but it's on my list of things to learn) abut I've seen if often enough. What else? Raceline wanders off the track but that could be because no raceline has been made--ya suppose?). And pits are not working. Those things shouldn't be too hard to fix. This is one of the few 'project' tracks that I haven't been able to develop a feel for driving yet. Maybe it's the transition from cobblestone-like paving to smooth surfaces that's throwing me off. But I'd like to work on fixing a few things and then do some more driving

A Few Pics

Early on

Nice flow here

A look from above

Easy Street?

Tree and horizon problem in one view

Tough corner--I don't know if I've made this one yet

Project Files

Orig. Track DL (or Loc) NA / Available here (7.9 MB)
Supplemental Files None
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