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Category Real (now historic) short track
Configuration 1/2-Mile oval
NR2K3 Track Author PWF


If you're not new here you may be aware of the major rant I went in over this one. ("in over"? I have friends who never let me live down that I once said "coming down up in here" when talking about an approaching storm so leave me alone ok?) I was thinking of working on this one as my introduction to track making but quickly wandered off to areas where I had no hopes of success. I mapped it and tried to get exact specs but it really doesn't need all that stuff. What I need is a night version. I need lights. It seems that all of my memories of Mesa Marin are of night races. You don't want to sit in the stands or in the cars at Mesa Marin on a hot summer day. Sweltering is the word we used--it is not uncommon for temperatures to hit 110 and even 115. But it's a dry heat and the nights generally cool down pretty well.


Night edit file added. The following is from the installation instructions and readme:

About The Marin Night Edit

For me, this edit was a necessity but it's not perfect--I tried to find some poles that matched what the track has after I found out what was involved in adding lights to an existing 3do. Scripting? Well there was a time but it's not going to happen for me now. So I found some that were close and I "borrowed" them. I quickly saw that you can't tell the difference when the lights are on anyway. And the only ones watching the lights during a race are the bugs.

I purposely kept the light levels down (don't worry it's not that dark). If you look at the Mesa Marin night pics you can see why. I never noticed a lack of light at Mesa Marin but you look at the photos and it looks like darkness everywhere. At any rate there should be sufficient lighting for racing--just check your gauges on the front stretch if you have night vision problems.

As for the sky, I was going to add a dark night sky but when I tried it out I liked the current look. It gives a little mystic quality to the surrounding hills (although I've typically seen better sunsets there). And I just noticed something else and I'm now going to be forced to learn about changing the sky; the sunset should be on your left shoulder when you are sitting in the stands. Who runs races at dawn? I tell you, they threw the whole world off kilter when they demolished this track. (note: sky rotation has been corrected)


Note: I don't know whether anyone cares anymore but since there is a Eula I feel I shouldn't offer the entire track as a download (at least until I know differently). Installation is simple though and should not be much more work than a regular track install. Just follow the instructions below and you will have no problems. (This assumes that you already have mesa_pwf installed for the game. The PWF version is currently available at Masgrafx (link below).

1. Create a new folder in your NR 2003 game > Tracks directory. Name it mesa_night. (Note: include the underscore for all of these instructions.)

2. Copy the entire contents of the mesa_pwf folder to your new folder. You do know that by contents I mean only the files inside the folder and not the containing folder right?

3. Rename 2 files that are now in your mesa_night folder. Change and mesa_pwf.dat to and mesa_night.dat respectively.

4. Extract the zip file contents to your new mesa_night folder. It will ask you if you want to overwrite several files. Just go ahead and allow it. Alternately you could delete the old track.ini and trkshot.stp before extracting (no need to rename them since you still have all of the original files in your mesa_pwf file).

5. You're done, go to racing!

Project Files

Orig. Track DL (or Loc) PWF @ Masgrafx
Supplemental Files Mesa Marin Night (223 kb)
Mesa Marin Night w/ Ironhardt billboards (1.6 MB) (referenced at RSC here)
Revised Track DL None

Note: The second download (with Billboards) is installed same as the first one. I merely added the billboard files from the RSC forum link to make an all-in-one package.