Odds & Sods

Thank God for N2K3, without which, many old tracks would never be raced again. The old home town tracks are sliding towards extinction but at the same time our track-makers are immortalizing them.

Article Rundown

This section may not be exclusively about tracks but it will probably be relevant in some way to NR2K3. Much of the individual track content will be in the Tracks section (how logical is that?)--this is the place for generalities, stuff uncategorized, and anything offbeat that I care to add. (Most-recent listed first)

The fortine_oo files

I was going to present these articles as a series but this information needs to be out there now and I have the privilege of being able to provide them. Whether you are building tracks or just trying to optimize the game's AI it's guaranteed you will want to re-read often. (All files are described and available from the above link)

Intro to Fortine_oo Files

AI Ratings (Help For Mods And Roadcourses)

Making AI Adjustments For A Human Condition

N2003 LP Files (Written For Roadcourses)


Where Are We Going?

A look at the where I'm trying to take this and a call for contributors. Some of the recent additions that I'm feeling a little vain about are mentioned and linked.

Track Physics 101

A primer of the different track configurations found in Nascar and the NR03 sim world. Take it with a grain of salt.

A Solution For iRacing

In which I give iRacing an "out" and show a way to get back into the good graces of those who ultimately pay their salaries and keep meals on their tables.

New NR2K3 Tracks

You probably didn't know that these tracks were in the works. Guess what? Two of them aren't. As far as the first one goes, only time will tell. Hope you have lots of it.

On Track Ratings

I've been asked about rating tracks, i.e. would I? I really don't think I would want to go there. But if I did it would probably go along the lines that I expand on in this article

Bridgehampton Experiment

This one is about my AI experiments at one track. I will probably follow up with more--the AI varies greatly from track to track and this is my attempt to find the right adjustments at one of them

As always, links to the individual files will be found on the left-hand sidebar. No, your other left. Or click on the titles above--the article index will eventually reside exclusively in this area, thus removing the clutter that accumulates on the side.