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The Rundown

What's This Doing Here?

Just a few meanderings, observations and prejudices regarding the actual Nascar world. If and when I have something to say about the real thing I will most likely reference it here. No insider information here--my viewpoint is based solely on the observations of a fan. A rundown on the articles (which can be accessed from the sidebar to the left) follows:

Kevin Harvick

I had to start out with this one. You see, Kevin Harvick is from Bakersfield (which I still call my hometown). Bakersfield is like any other place: when you're growing up you can't wait to get away, when you've left it becomes a proud symbol of what really used to be good about the world. Local boy makes good helps lend credence to that (fantastical, elevated, misguided?) vision. It is what it is. I enjoy rooting for the man no matter. I have had other favorites. I enjoyed Jeff Gordon in his early years. Even then though I was at heart a Kyle Petty fan. Still am. You just never see him during the races. I will get to that at some later point; for now I'm being a front-runner. Harvick is cresting and it's time to give due while it happens.

The Contenders

I just sort of stumbled on a driver rating system that I kind of like while playing around with numbers. It uses no esoteric, hidden stats accessible only to the elite and the "pay-fors". I applied the formula to this year's Cup Chase drivers--all in good fun. That foray is documented in this article. Take it with a grain of salt. If I had a secret formula for predicting winners I would be a wealthy gambler.

The Cookie-Cutters

Nascar has become too homogenized in my opinion. And that goes for the tracks. It seems there is a blueprint that all new tracks must conform to. I guess there is only so much you can do with an oval but how about a Trenton? Why not more road courses and short tracks? I don't hate cookie-cutters but I would think drivers could themselves use a little more variety. I'm also sure that I have no answers. It just so happens that I can print an article with pictures for the reading-impaired.